The Good Magpie.

Brand & PoS

The Good Magpie

May 2022
The Project

Full brand & identity creation, website with PoS terminal for live in-person card payment and booking capabilities.

Graphic Design | Website Creation | Logo | Brand Identity Kit | WordPress | CSS3 | Illustrator


Brand & PoS

Build a fully branded identity and software suite that can handle in-person point of sales & a full-tilt agent booking system for an artistic brick-and-mortar event community center located in the heart of Burlington.


WordPress stack with booking and e-commerce software suit allows for agents to handle their own clients through the site, managers to manage agents, and run the PoS software within a permissioned environment.


Playful and corky elements mixed with a spiritual twist encapsulate the brand of the magpie, which is usually a lousy actor playing nice. Dark navy blue with gold accents carries the brand into a playful yet respectable appeal.


Wordpress | Amelia | WooCommerce | Stripe API | PHP | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop