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Design & SEO

Riverdale Fitnessmill

December 2022
The Project

423% Traffic | 2x Revenue | 7x RIO (after costs)

Riverdale Fitness, a long-standing fitness center with a strong focus on group workshops, approached us with a need to revamp their online presence. Their website, which had been untouched for four years and built on Wix, was outdated and did not effectively showcase their offerings. With little knowledge of online marketing, Riverdale Fitness needed a partner to bring their digital presence up to speed and help drive more traffic to their gym. Here’s exactly how we did it…

Wordpress | Photography | Graphic Design | Website Creation | SEO | CSS3 | Illustrator


Design & SEO

Our mission was to create a modern, user-friendly website for Riverdale Fitness that would effectively showcase their services and workshops. In addition, we aimed to launch a comprehensive SEO campaign to increase their online visibility and drive more traffic to their business using google local business ranking techniques to increase gym lookups and inquires.


We HAD to overhaul there website as it weakened the brand presence and lost good leads from converting due to its bad UI/UX and poor call to actions and unclear messaging…

New Message (offer)

There was currently no fresh offers being advertised so we helped develop monthly promotions to convert new traffic to paying leads.

Fresh Landing Page (Conversion)

We began by developing a fresh design for the website, ensuring an intuitive user interface that would effectively showcase Riverdale Fitness’s services and workshops (which was currently not even being advertised!).

Fresh Eyes (Traffic)

We then launched a comprehensive SEO campaign, focusing on increasing the domain authority and driving more organic traffic to the site which was mobile and conversion ready.


The new design of the Riverdale Fitness website is modern, clean, and user-friendly. It effectively showcases their services and workshops, making it easy for potential customers to find the information they need. The design also incorporates SEO-friendly elements to enhance online visibility and drive more traffic to the site.


The website was built using a modern tech stack that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and SEO. This includes this snappy wordpress built with varnish cache HTML5, CSS3, and PHP for back-end development. The site is hosted on our custom local Linux server, and we used Google Analytics for tracking website performance and user behavior.


Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in the website’s domain authority, from 8 to 19, and a 423% increase in organic traffic in just six months. The new website, with its fresh design and comprehensive SEO campaign, has not only improved user experience but also contributed to the growth of their business. We look forward to seeing continued success in the remaining six months of our campaign.

UPDATE we ended up 2x our client’s gym membership bringing a 7x ROI after costs!