Rare Coin.

Fullstack Development

Rare Coin

The Project

DeFi yield farm & blockchain based cryptocurrency distribution project.

React | Javascript | Solidity | HTML | CSS3


Fullstack Development

Create an immutable self-distributing cryptocurrency easily accessible for anyone to collect. Establish a complete brand identity, front-end infographic site, and custom front-end interface and API to interact and query the blockchain application.


Two Rare coins are created and distributed every day on the gnosis blockchain: One is equally distributed to the daily Claimers and one is weighted distributed to the weekly Stakers.


After plenty of research, we ended up choosing the Gnosis blockchain due to the high performance, easy-to-use liquidity bridge, and stable native gas currency. Gnosis chain also is very decentralized and closely follows the Ethereum ecosystem and solidity-based tooling suit.


We used next.js. A scalable react framework to build out the front-end application and API used to query blockchain data throughout the app.


All financial state was built with solidity on the gnosis blockchain, however, some user-specific statistical and historical data is kept on a centralized storage provider called fauna. This was chosen for its speedy object-based storage solution and cheap hosting fees.


The brand design uses bold, vibrate colors to reflect the creative architecture and vibrant community revolving around the project. A sharp modern R makes up the base of the logo, and purple and blue hues make the surrounding colors.

The main website features creative scrolling animated and infographic elements that describe the nature of the project. Branded gradients eclipse titled text.

The app itself was designed with clean and mobile-friendly styling with a focus of ease of use and simple to read floating data tiles. Most feature-rich section components are collapsable with built-in smooth animations for a native app experience.


Next.js | web3.js | node.js | SWR | Framer Motion | Fauna | Apex Charts
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