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Website, Design & Marketing

Next Stage

March 2023
The Project

Nextstage Communications Coaching provides voice and communication coaching and kundalini yoga classes, and retreats.

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Website, Design & Marketing

Katharine approached me to design a website for her yoga, meditation, and retreat services outside of her legal work and brand Nextstage Conflict Resolution. We were to create a parallel brand and feel that would resonate not only with the professionals in her network but those open to wellness practices such as yoga and meditation. She also had a upcoming retreat that she wanted to promote so it was important to put together a marketing strategy to focus on capturing new leads.


We used WordPress and Elementor to craft the perfect design and all-in-one SEO to turn WordPress into a passive traffic machine. We also used our in-house hosting to unlock branded incoming and outcoming emails through the native WordPress CRM Groundhogg to capture and nurture leads through our email marketing plan.

We achieved a 99% speed score with our speed optimization techniques and Cloudflare caching.


We created a highly professional look in feel while keeping brand consistency by keeping her old logo and attaching it for this branch of services. We went with a light blue and dark blue light them to resonate with the vocal chakra of that correlates to communication.

With light tones, and sharp edges we are able to keep an authoritative look while also attracting a holistic audience without coming off as childish or ungrounded.


Wordpress | Groundhogg CRM | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop