HMP Home Inspections.

Design & SEO

HMP Home Inspections

April 2023
The Project

HMP Home Inspections, a leading home inspection service provider, initially approached us with a simple request to manage their existing website. However, after identifying several issues with their old site, it became clear that a fresh start was needed. We decided to not only rebuild their website but also to take their marketing to a new level.

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Design & SEO

Our mission was to create a clean, user-friendly website for HMP Home Inspections that would effectively showcase their services and expertise. In addition, we aimed to optimize their online presence to drive more calls and traffic to their business, ultimately increasing their visibility and customer base.


We began by developing a fresh design for the website, ensuring clean code and an intuitive user interface. We then focused on optimizing their five Google listings to increase visibility and drive more traffic to their services. To further enhance their SEO, we optimized the headers and created local landing pages that connected to each Google profile. This strategy aimed to rank HMP Home Inspections first in all home inspection categories in their region. Go ahead and google “home inspector georgetown” now and see what happens.


The new design of the HMP Home Inspections website is clean, modern, and user-friendly. It effectively showcases their services and expertise, making it easy for potential customers to find the information they need. The design also incorporates local landing pages, each tailored to a specific Google profile, to enhance local SEO and drive more traffic to the site.


The website was built using a modern tech stack that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and SEO. This wordpress stack with cloudflare caching includes HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for front-end development, and PHP for back-end development. The site is hosted on a Linux server, and we used Google Analytics for tracking website performance and user behavior.


Our efforts resulted in a 22% increase in traffic to the HMP Home Inspections website. The optimization of their Google listings and the creation of local landing pages have significantly improved their online visibility, ranking them first in all home inspection categories in their region. The new website, with its clean code and fresh design, has not only improved user experience but also contributed to the growth of their business.


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