Higher Energy.

Design & Marketing

Higher Energy

January 2022
The Project

Higher Energy, a start-up with a vision, approached us with a simple concept. They needed a partner to help them go from zero to profitable in under a year. Our task was to build a custom website, integrate a CRM system, and kickstart their domain authority and social media marketing.

Wordpress | SMM | SEO | Graphic Design | CSS3 | PHP


Design & Marketing

Our mission was to create a comprehensive online presence for Higher Energy that would effectively showcase their offerings and attract their ideal customers. We aimed to develop a marketing strategy that would drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately convert these leads into clients.


We began by developing a custom website and integrating a CRM system to manage customer relationships effectively. We then focused on building their domain authority and enhancing their social media presence. To attract their ideal customers, we developed a customer profile and tailored our marketing strategy, copy, and social media posts to speak directly to this audience. We also created a three-tier social media system on LinkedIn, consisting of discovery, trust, and offer posts. To generate leads, we created an irresistible lead magnet and an automated email flow to consistently book meetings.


The design of the Higher Energy website is ultra-modern and user-friendly, effectively showcasing their offerings. Targeting large SaaS companies, it uses bold text and simple color schemes that make the content easy to digest, facilitating the learning process about how they can help elevate and improve their workforce in the corporate environment. The design also incorporates elements tailored to their ideal customer profile, ensuring that the website speaks directly to their target audience.


The website was built using a modern tech stack that prioritizes speed, efficiency, and SEO. We used Fluent CRM integrated to harness leads inside WordPress saving over 1500k per year in CRM fees. The website was hosted on WordPress backend server with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for front-end development, and PHP for back-end development. The site is hosted on a speedy local Linux server, and we used Google Analytics for tracking website performance and user behavior.


Our efforts resulted in Higher Energy becoming profitable in under a year. The custom website, integrated CRM, and tailored marketing strategy have not only improved user experience but also contributed to the growth of their business. The three-tier social media system and automated email flow have been successful in generating leads and booking consistent meetings.

In addition to these achievements, we also made significant strides in building their social media presence. Starting from scratch, we managed to grow their follower base to nearly 1,000 in just four months. This rapid growth in followers is a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored social media strategy, which has not only increased their online visibility but also created a community of engaged users around their brand. This helped them close their first 10k in deals only 3 months after we went live.

Here were some examples of the 3 tiered social content cycle.