Higher Energy v1.

Design & Website

Higher Energy v1

June 2022
The Project

Higher Energy is a wellness brand focused on elevating coherence, reducing stress, and boosting productivity by increasing HRV through science-based breathing practices within the corporate environment.

Graphic Design | Website Creation | Lottie Animation Creation | WordPress | CSS3 | Illustrator


Design & Website

When the CEO reached out to us, they had already been through 3 other agencies and spent over 8 thousand dollars on many different versions of the site.  All of them with the same issue, many weeks to make simple changes, hard-to-use editing tools, no client education, and poor multi-purpose templates used as designs.


Our solution was to work closely with the initial vision of the CEO and iterate quickly over design ideas. By streamlining the communication over Trello, we were able to complete tasks efficiently without throughput bottlenecks and get to the final design quicker.

The build was on WordPress with a custom theme to match the overall nature of the wellness brand. We used Latepoint booking software to allow unlimited event and service types and save monthly costs to similar SaaS products without sacrificing the functionality or UX.


We made small edits to the logo and color pallet to create a more holistic and congruent theme and feel. With this website, it was decided to make some custom vector assets to illustrate sections of text in a more visual way.

We even created some Lottie animations out of the graphic collection, which created liveliness on the website without sacrificing performance or SEO.

All designs had to be Retna and Mobile ready to fit every eye and potential prospect. Overall the unique wavy elements illustrated the nature of the heart waves, which represent a healthy heart rate variability curve.


Wordpress | Latepoint | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe After Effects