Energy Healing Facilitation.

Identity & Website

Energy Healing Facilitation

Jan 2022
The Project

Full brand & identity creation, website with Digitial E-commerce and event booking capabilities.

Graphic Design | Website Creation | Logo | Brand Identity Kit | WordPress | CSS3 | Illustrator


Identity & Website

Energy healing facilitation is an energetic wellness brand that needed a Full brand & identity creation, a website with Digitial E-commerce and booking event booking capabilities for their in person programs.

Build a fully branded identity and software suite that matched the spirtual appeal of their customer base.


WordPress stack with amelia booking, which can handle multiple practitioner booking for agents to handle their own clients through the site, managers to manage agents, and woo-commerce digital software suit allows for easy digital downloads.


The pink lotus flower captures the essence of the quin yin feminine godas wrapped with the double helix and encapsulates the program’s essential concept in an elegant and beautiful manner. Light white backdrop represents the angelic feel and spiritual nature.


Wordpress | Amelia | WooCommerce | Stripe API | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop