Affinity Harmonics.

Identity & Product UI

Affinity Harmonics

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018
The Project

Affinity Harmonics is a bespoke audio company specializing in rare Kontact library creation, organic sample packs, and exclusive audio licensing and distribution.

Graphic Design | Website Creation | Logo | Brand Identity Kit | WordPress | Illustrator | Abelton Live | Javascript | PHP | UI development


Identity & Product UI

Before approaching us, Affinity Harmonics was a startup with only an idea of what they wanted to achieve. – A platform to distribute their unique audio works and products. With minor design experience, a partnership formed in which we worked to produce a compelling brand identity and platform and even commissioned to help shape the products themselves from a design, code, and audio perspective.


Create an woo-commerce platform with Mailchimp CRM intergration with upsells and remarketing potential. Design a multi-use brand identity and logo kit. Design a UI kit used for in-house digital audio products. Hosted on our custom 16 core server rig and dedicated storage for large volume downloads of sound libraries.


At the heart this digital identity needed to be bold, elegent and sharp. The “Infinity” Loop represents the limitless creative energy in audio production. “Affinity” was chosen as a word to describe the nature harmonics as all audio produced in the company is developed in Pythagorean and C tuned to 432hz. A dark scaled UI with orange highlights and white contrast perfectly illustrates the company’s bold and bespoke approach.


Product UI Development// Javascript | PHP | Kontakt Script Language | Adobe Photoshop Website Development// WordPress | WooCommerce | Illustrator | Mailchimp Audio Production// Abelton Live | Soundworks | Adobe Audition | SampleBot